Solutions for rotary cutting tools

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Rotary cutting tools products

Rollomatic is in constant pursuit of excellence in quality and accuracy. Known as the world leader in fine grinding cutting machines, Rollomatic offers complete solutions to enable company growth and efficiencies along with training and support. From laser and automation robotics innovations, smart factory, and autonomous grinding, to machines that last decades, Rollomatic is a long term partner for success.

Solutions for high strength steel, carbide and cobalt and other material rotary cutting tools has always been a specialization for Rollomatic.

Micro Tools

Micro Tools are typically produced on a 1/8 inch shank with cutting diameters down to .001″– .080″. Rollomatic is known world-wide as the leader in micro tool technology, but this expertise has applied to all of our solutions serving various industries. Images below show micro tools that are complex and small with great surface finishes.

High Performance Cutting Tools up to 20mm

High Performance Cutting Tools up to 20mm are well produced on the GrindSmart 530 and 630 series. Rollomatic machines in this category are a strong part of the company’s legacy. Rollomatic has produced reliable and stable machines for these needs in the cutting tool world for decades. Automation technology is at Rollomatic’s core, and has been in these machines for 30 plus years in this series. And now, the GrindSmart 530/630 machines come with more smart features and options that lead our customers on their journey in Automation.

High Performance Cutting Tools up to 32mm

While known as the leader in the micro tool and small diameter tooling world, Rollomatic is the only CNC builder to offer a machine capable of producing up to 32mm solid carbide cutting tools on a machine with Hydrostatic ways with Linear Motors. The Rollomatic GrindSmart 830XW brings the reliability, rigidity, stability, and superior surface finish to the “large” tool market.

Solutions for Ultra Efficient Lean Grinding Process

Lean has become a buzzword in manufacturing over the last few years, but at Rollomatic it is more than just a word. Our world-class factory in Le Landeron, Switzerland has embraced the Lean concept for many years now. For us, it is a way of life. We were honored to be able to introduce the first tool grinding machine that utilizes Lean – the Rollomatic GrindSmart 660XW. With the ability to perform the cylindrical grinding and finished tool grinding, we are able to produce complete cutting tools in a single clamping. This allows our customers to implement their own Lean production, in spite of decreasing batch sizes.