Solutions for blank prep & punches

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Blank prep & punches products

The ShapeSmart model NP50 is designed and dedicated for cylindrical grinding of carbide, HSS and stainless‐steel blanks and components with emphasis on highest achievable surface finish and concentricity. It has the ability to perform non-round grinding of punches and pins.

Grinding form punches, corner radiuses, oblong punches, squares out of center, and other shapes is produced with a patented process for non-round parts with full pinch/peel grinding. This ensures form accuracy, super high tolerances, and the lowest TIR possible. These tight tolerances are extremely important for long and thin parts.
This ShapeSmart NP50 machine is also suited for blank preparation of cutting tool blanks in the industrial, medical and dental markets.

Solutions for Cylindrical Applications

From the onset, Rollomatic produced machinery that focused on the preparation of cutting tool blanks. We were the first to offer a “pinch/peel” cylindrical grinding machine, today that technology has evolved into our ShapeSmart series with the NP30 and NP50. Now cutting tool blanks is only a portion of what our customers are making with the ShapeSmart series. With built-in loader, options for probing, and the proven reliability of over thirty years of experience.

Solutions for Non-Round Applications

With the ShapeSmart NP50 and our patented SmartPunch software, Rollomatic provides the ultimate in the grinding of complex shapes. While primarily serving the punch industry, Rollomatic continues to expand into the medical, aerospace, and die/mold with automated machines that achieve high precision, tight tolerance grinding of carbide, steel, and other industries.