Cutting Tools & Components For Die Molding

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Die mold products

Every industry is encompassed by die/mold, from plastic knobs in your vehicle to the case of a pacemaker. In the United States the growth in plastic injection molding is in the tight tolerance and micro component sector, with reshoring of more traditional parts. Rollomatic has long served the cutting tool manufacturers that supply tools for the machining of injection mold tooling. Our unique sixth axis, found on the GrindSmart® 630 series as well as the GrindSmart® 830XW and GrindSmart® 660XW, allows for the most accurate ball nose end mills to be made. In the last few years, we have started to see the great benefits of our ShapeSmart® series in the manufacturing of core pins, valve stems, and other components used in the die/mold process.

The accuracy of the final product is based on a number of factors but the accuracy of the mold base is critical. The accurate machining of the mold base is made possible by cutting tools that are of even higher accuracy. The accuracy of these cutting tools is not only the great expertise of those producing them, but the capability of the machine used. Rollomatic is uniquely positioned to provide the most accurate tool & cutter grinder in the industry, letting us contribute to the first step towards precision molded components. We also recognize that even the most capable machine is of no use without the talent & support required to maintain it. For that reason, Rollomatic has invested heavily in our Support Team – with no charge phone & email assistance and a skilled team of field service engineers – and our Rollomatic Learning Center – to provide structured Face-to-Face and e-learning training.

The launch of the GrindSmart® 660XW was extremely beneficial to our customers serving the die/mold industry for the production of complex, high accuracy long reach end mills. Incorporating the blank preparation with the cutting tool geometry grinding into the same compact machine. For core pins and valve stems, the ShapeSmart® NP50 has allowed our customers to automate what was traditionally a manual process. The super precision required to produce a core pin for even the medical device industry, is no challenge for the ShapeSmart® NP30 and ShapeSmart® NP50. Customers see a huge reduction in cycle time and a repeatable process that allows for fully autonomous production. For micro components, the GrindSmart® Nano6 is able to produce end mills with diameters as small as 0.050mm (0.002”), allowing for mold tooling with small features to be achieved.