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The ShapeSmart®NP50 is a 5-axis Precision Cylindrical Pinch/Peel grinding machine with integrated 3-axis robot loader and grinding diameter range from 0.025 – 25 mm (.001″– 1″). The ShapeSmart®NP50 is ideal for cutting tool blank preparation as well as punch and mold applications requiring complex geometry and high length-to-diameter ratios.

Smart Autonomous Grinding

Our vision of “Smart Autonomous Grinding” is to provide Rollomatic machine users with a fully autonomous machine capable of managing the production by itself with very little human intervention. A part of this ambitious project is the ability of the machine to manage the offsets to get the first parts within specification. Further items include to be able to achieve unattended production over several days within very tight tolerances an to interact with external robotic and automation systems. The Smart Autonomous Grinding program also includes machine connectivity and communication exchange systems with other equipment such as measuring machines, laser etching, etc.

The ShapeSmart® precision pinch & peel grinding machines are based on the proven method of pinch grinding, a technology invented by Rollomatic, that ensures polished surface finishes and unmatched performances achieving micron precision. There are two grinding methods, the first one consists of peeling the part in a single pass with simultaneous engagement of a roughing and finishing wheel. For large material removals, the second process is a series of roughing passes followed by a final roughing/finishing pass. This reduces wear on the roughing wheel and still provides excellent accuracy and minimal run-out.


  • Smart Punch - Pinch and Peel grinding of non-round punches.
  • Multi pass reduce wear on the roughing wheel.
  • Super fast changing of roughing wheel configuration.
  • Ability to grind flats and threads.
  • Ability to grind tools up to 600mm length (aol).
  • Direct drive spindle of 14kW on both finishing and roughing station = improved surface finish with a quality as low as Ra 0.02 mm.

Smart Features


The high-speed tool loader, designed by Rollomatic and integrated into the basic machine, was developed with fast setup and ease-of-use in mind. This is achieved by using pre-calibrated cassettes and clamps to hold different
diameters without resetting the position. Rollomatic automatic loaders are known to be the fastest and most reliable in our industry.

• Fast to set up
• Capacity up to 1’360 parts
• Robust, low maintenance design


Checking and measuring the part immediately after machining is essential
to guarantee the quality of the production. The post-process measuring
system immediately transmits the compensation value that may be necessary to achieve production within the planned tolerances.

  • Accuracy & reliability
  • Compensation of the grinding wheel position
  • Constant production quality

The Smart Touch Probe is a contact measurement system that allows the blank
position to be defined before grinding and avoids variations during production.

The system also compensates for machine thermal drift caused by changes in
ambient temperature and for wheel wear.

• Runout compensation and core diameter measurement
• Setting assistance
• Superior stability during the production process
• Elimination of scrap during unattended production


The StickSmart® is an automatic sticking system for in-process cleaning of
grinding wheels. The «stick», mounted in a holder, is used to regenerate superabrasive grinding wheels to maintain their cutting performance.
• Extends the working life of the wheel
• Extends unattended production cycles with high-performance wheels
• Reliable and safe automatic process for the operator
• Efficient, economical and safe solution


Simple and efficient, the right-side door has been designed to facilitate the
work of the operator when changing the orientation of the grinding wheels.

  • Ergonomics for the operator
  • Secure opening
  • Guaranteed tightness

The new patent pending* grinding process SmartPunch™ pushes the grinding limits even further and offers to the users of the ShapeSmart®NP5 machine the ability to machine non-round and eccentric shapes.


Smart conectivity

Industry 4.0 is a constantly evolving world, and management tools have been
developed to optimise its productivity. Rollomatic strives to develop connectivity solutions that are facilitating connections between peripherals in production processes and leveraging the available data.
Smart conectivity


For Rollomatic, the process is as important as the machine. To better serve our customers, we are able to provide full turnkeys with every machine. The turnkey process starts with our Sales Team and their help in defining your project. Our expert team of Applications Engineers then studies your parts to determine the best machine, options, accessories, peripheral equipment, programs, and training required. We can also offer Factory Acceptance and Site Acceptance Tests to ensure confidence in the machine and process. We welcome the opportunity to be a part of your success!
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  • All machines are installed by our team of Field Service Engineers using our detailed checklist to ensure that startup is smooth and quick.
  • Field Service Engineer are factory trained and travel throughout North America.
  • We are committed to providing the best possible customer experience through our investments in people and training, this is especially true for our Field Service Team.
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