Customer experience

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Rollomatic always has customer experience as the top priority. The goal of the company is to have customer experience be as world-class as the machines and solutions, and to partner with our customers to help them achieve their goals. Rollomatic begins the customer experience from the first meeting or communication with the company. The highly trained and experienced sales team is able to consult with customers on specific needs. The engineering team at Rollomatic provides a world-class customer experience through offers such as feasibility studies, cycle time analysis, test grinds, and even demos at no cost. Rollomatic looks forward to engaging with new and existing customers and is committed to making customer experience part of the journey in long term partnerships.

Swiss precision

Rollomatic is often spoken of as having Swiss precision in its DNA. Being the leader in fine grinding is based on that Swiss precision that Rollomatic has had since its beginning. Rollomatic started with making fine tools for the Swiss watch industry. Over time, the company found the pathway to create the best machines to make other tools for other industries, and has become the leader in fine grinding. Swiss Precision is what Rollomatic is known for, and will continue to be the reason the company continually improves to serve in the industry. Read more of the company history here.

Rollomatic WorldWide

Rollomatic serves customers all around the world.

Our Process

  • Our process begins with our team of Sales Managers, your main point of contact throughout the process. Their product knowledge and technical abilities make them the perfect starting point to help qualify and define your application.
  • For new & existing customers, Rollomatic offers feasibility studies, cycle time analysis, test grinds, and demos at no cost. This process starts with our Sales Team but quickly is transmitted to our team of expert Applications Engineers.
  • Using the knowledge gained from the study of your specific application, our team can prepare a full turnkey proposal. We take a holistic approach to turnkeys and specify the machine model, specific machine options & accessories, but also can provide:
    • Wheel measuring & balancing equipment
    • Oil filtering and chilling equipment
    • Grinding wheels
    • Grinding oil
    • Wheel Dressing & Truing Equipment
    • Programs & Process
  • The machine is installed by our team of factory training service engineers. Using our SPP procedure, they ensure that the installation process is smooth and the machine is ready to go.


Rollomatic, Inc. is committed to serving customers in North America. The Chicago based office has the ability to provide sales, service, and support to the entire USA, Canada, and Mexico, and Central America. Our state-of-the-art showroom can accommodate up to 13 machines to for providing full demos, customer acceptance tests, and allows for our team of applications engineers to perform test grinding for existing and potential customers. We have also made significant investments into the metrology equipment in our showroom, to match or exceed the industry standards.

To better serve our customers, Rollomatic keeps a healthy spare parts inventory and fulfills 99% of orders within 24 hours.

We love to give tours, if you are going to be in the Chicagoland area and want to learn more about Rollomatic, please let us know!