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Tool Dynamic TD 1002

The Tool Dynamic TD 1002 is your start into the modular balancing system of the Tool Dynamic series.

Designed as a table and complementary machine, it is the ideal solution for tool grinders.

The Tool Dynamic TD 1002 measures and compensates the unbalance in one plane (static).

Therefore it is perfect for balancing grinding wheel packages when the couple unbalance is very low.

The balancing adapters (also available for Rollomatic Perfect Arbor) with automatic clamping system clamp the grinding wheel packages µm-precise and enable highest measuring accuracy and repeatability.

The device is operated via the integrated keyboard and screen.

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Training station

A new way to learn mechanical setup

How do you manage the constant need of production while ensuring that your workforce continues to learn? Our new training station, designed as a standalone system, will help to train them on the mechanical settings of all GrindSmart®XW and XS types. This new training device has been developed to effectively train your operators, without taking a machine out of production. This will give them all the knowledge they need to set up the adapter, tighten the clamps, the shank guide, the steady rest, and the tailstock.

Mpm bmt200s

The fully enclosed, automatic model BMT200S accurately balances the grinding wheel flanges with simple, fast and efficient operation.

The mounting system is compatible will all Rollomatic GrindSmart® and ShapeSmart® series wheel flanges and accepts wheels up to 270 mm in diameter.

The BMT200S calculates the unbalance condition and automatically orients the wheel flange to the angular position needed, indicating the proper weight and placement of the necessary M5 screws balancing screws.

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The EasySetUp® Alfa-set device is Rollomatic’s next generation wheel presetter.

Offering highly precise operation, it enables you to quickly and accurately measure the geometry of the grinding wheels directly in the VirtualGrind®Pro software.

After dressing, the wheel pack is mounted on either the PerfectArbor™ or HSK50E adapters which are built on a high-precision tapered bearings system that generates no runout and ensures perfect precision and concentricity.

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Concentricity Pro

Reliable quality measurement is a key factor in today’s competitive manufacturing environment. The Rollomatic “V-Block” Concentricity Pro eliminates measuring errors inherent in conventional designs of concentricity gages. This unit is capable of measuring the run-out on cylindrical components below .00004” (1 micron) and can ideally be used in the cutting tool, punching, semiconductor, automotive and aerospace industries.

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Shadow board 5S

The Rollomatic 5S mobile Shadow Board is designed to store and organize all essential tooling, accessories and documentation necessary for the efficient operation of your grinding machines.
This trolley provides professional storage on a single platform and features tool hangers, racks and trays for tooling such as collets, V-blocks and cassettes.

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  • Increases efficiency and productivity of your staff
  • The same trolley with a full set of tooling can be used for one or several machines
  • Shorter setup times, as all tools and accessories are in one place next to the machine
  • Everything is visual and can be seen at a glance
  • The Rollomatic kit 5S System part no. 150939 is delivered complete with hooks and fasteners.