Accurate Cylindrical and Non-Round Punch Alternative

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The ShapeSmart®NP50 is a 5-axis Precision Cylindrical Pinch/Peel grinding machine with integrated 3-axis robot loader and grinding diameter range from 0.025 – 25 mm (.001″– 1″). The ShapeSmart®NP50 is ideal for cutting tool blank preparation as well as punch and mold applications requiring complex geometry and high length-to-diameter ratios.

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The ShapeSmart®NP30 is designed for tool manufacturers who are looking for a machine with the best value for quality, reliability, price and performance. With 4 CNC axes and based on the method of peel grinding with simultaneous engagement of a roughing and a finishing wheel, the ShapeSmart®NP30 is a precision pinch and peel grinding machine for the preparation of cutting tool blanks such as endmills, drills and other stepped cylindrical tools, covering a range of diameters between Ø 0.025 and Ø 25.0 mm.

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Strausak was acquired by Rollomatic in 2011 to address the “job shop tool grinding” industry. With the latest generation, Strausak ONE linear, we address the high mix / low volume, and resharpening needs of our customers. The Strausak ONE has been designed to allow for efficient set up time and ease of operator use, which is further facilitated by the use of Numroto.

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Automated grinding of tight tolerances are possible with Rollomatic, in both round and non-round applications, with dramatic cycle time reductions.
Using a carbide or steel punch is a very cost effective way of creating holes in sheet metal materials. These punches present unique challenges with the geometry and tolerances required.

The ShapeSmart® series from Rollomatic allows for tight tolerance, unattended production of cylindrical and non-round punches. Oblong punches, form punches, squares out of center, corner radiuses and any other shape can be produced with this method. The ShapeSmart® NP50 is designed and dedicated for cylindrical grinding of carbide, HSS and stainless steel components with emphasis on highest achievable surface finish and concentricity.

With Rollomatic’s patented SmartPunch™ software, we are able to ground non-round and eccentric shapes with the same accuracy and precision of symmetrical punches. Combined with high power synchronous spindle motors and a direct drive workhead, the ShapeSmart® NP50 is the workhorse of the punch industry.