Smart Connectivity

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Industry 4.0 is a constantly evolving world, and management tools have been developed to optimize its productivity. Rollomatic strives to develop connectivity solutions that are compliant with the UMATI standard, facilitating connections between peripherals in production processes and leveraging the available data. The concept of automated grinding, the connectivity of production tooling, and unsupervised production and data exchange systems are all at the heart of our priorities. Today, our business pivots around production facilities equipped with interactive tooling and peripherals, so that data can be shared quickly with ev – ery logistics stakeholder, whether internal or external to the production facility. Our mission is to make you even more competitive.

To achieve this, we have two products at your disposal:

  • RCONNECT, access to software and tooling data
  • RMONITOR, a snapshot of machine productivity

RCONNECT provides you with all of the data from your machines in a structured format. This means you can develop your own monitoring environment and optimal – ly leverage your production data. RCONNECT extracts data from your Rollomatic machines using the OPC-UA com – munications protocol in compliance with the UMATI standard. Third party systems – such as your measuring machines and production management software – can read, write, and process this data through RCONNECT.

  • Fundamental access point to software and machine data
  • Remote access to all information concerning the tools in production
  • Available with single licence per machine
  • Free updates for your machine’s entire lifetime
  • Standard OPC-UA protocol and UMATI structure
  • No additional equipment is require

RMONITOR provides you with a clear, quick, and user-friendly overview of your production, from any device, securely, and wherever your company is based. It provides a dashboard that gives you a clear overview of your machines’ efficiency. You will be more pragmatic in your resource management, for optimal agility. RMonitor works with all Rollomatic machines equipped with a PC, irrespective of the programming software used, and is easy to install thanks to a single internet connection

  • Accessible anywhere
  • Available on smartphones (Android and iPhone)
  • Notifications when machine status changes
  • Streamlined export of production report
  • Access to event logs for all connected machines