Microtool Manufacturing for Dental Devices

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Dental Products

Rollomatic serves dental and lab burs, implant drills and burs as well as CAD/CAM milling cutters with the finest micro tool making ability in the market for dental applications.

Rollomatic has served the dental industry for decades. The application of fine tool grinding has grown into two main categories. The first area is dental tools that dentists and orthodontists use for work such as milling into teeth or crowns. The second area is CAD/CAM which by example can involve scanning of the mouth to then have crowns machined from green state to hard, and then sent back to the dentist office. Some dentist offices even have small in-office CNC machines that can make that crown in a few hours. The third area is implants drills that are used to finely prepare the socket for a perfect fit of the implant.

The dental industry relies on micro tools and Rollomatic is the world-wide leader in micro tools. Known for standard 1mm, 2mm, 2.35, 3mm (1/8th inch) end mills and under 1/8th inch, Rollomatic even began serving the dental industry back in the 1990s with great software to handle the complexity of dental burs, and dental bur making capability.

Rollomatic specializes in solutions for the dental industry, and not just with Micro Tools. The GrindSmart® Nano 5 is made for dental industry micro tools with its compact design, short travel, cycle time reductions, direct drive, and the machine hood being disconnected from the machine base. One of the biggest advantages is the small footprint of the machine. Rollomatic knows how important floor space is in manufacturing and have created The GrindSmart® Nano 5 with that in mind so multiple machines can be installed on the production floor. The software Rollomatic has is best in class for dental industry micro tools, as it has been for decades. Rollomatic has also developed a special work holding system for dental burs, and automation has been built into the loader arm.

Rollomatic machines are stable and automated right out of the box. The manufacturing programs can run for a long time on these tool orders, and we know you want something that will last.

For implantology drills and burs the preferred choice of industry leading manufacturers are the GrindSmart® 630SX and XW. The unique 6 axis kinematic of these 2 models offer outstanding flexibility for designing and producing any kind of tools geometry with the greatest reliability and accuracy. The GrindSmart® 660 XW which can do peel grinding and tool grinding all in one, is great for CAD/CAM end mills, and also has a built in wheel changer and in-process tool inspection system to run with greater autonomy and maintaining tight tolerance of tool geometry.


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