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Woodworking products

For Woodworking, Rollomatic is known for speed, accuracy, surface finishes, ultra hard materials and capacity ranges in size and length.

Woodworking tool suppliers can benefit from the expertise Rollomatic has in the ranges of tool sizes, and the diamond coatings. The challenges in manufacturing woodworking tools often center around accuracy of handling PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) and CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) tools, and being able to produce consistent accurate tolerances. Both the 810 and 510 femto laser machines can accurately cut those diamond tools to sharp micro tolerances.  The 510 and 510 femto can sharpen 0.02 MM or 20 micron thick coatings down to 0.001MM 1 micron.

Rollomatic is committed to supporting the woodworking industry with our laser machines for dealing with PCD and CBN cutters. The LaserSmart 810XL is able to deliver superior surface finishes and handling of ultra-hard tool materials that woodworking tools are known for.

Designed for the production of cutting tools in ultra-hard materials and featuring 6 simultaneously interpolated axes, the LaserSmart 810XL is ideally suited for machining tools up to 300 mm (12”) in diameter, 350 mm (14”) in length and up to 15 kg (33 lbs.) in weight. With Rollomatic’s Smart Autonomous Grinding, we help our customers set up machines that will run consistently and continuously as operators need.

Rollomatic understands the low cost of ownership that woodworking customers are looking for.  And Rollomatic is commited to providing the lowest cost per part.  This is accomplished by uptime, efficiencies, low maintenance costs, reduced cycle times of process, and Rollomatic’s well known reliability.

Our Rollomatic Learning Center provides online e-learning and training, and we also deliver face-to-face training and support. Click the LaserSmart 810XL or LaserSmart 510 femto or LaserSmart 510 below for more information, and feel free to reach out if we can help with demos, feasibility and cycle time studies, or no charge test grinds.