Accurate Cylindrical and Non-Round Punch Alternative

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Punch products

Automated grinding of tight tolerances are possible with Rollomatic, in both round and non-round applications, with dramatic cycle time reductions.
Using a carbide or steel punch is a very cost effective way of creating holes in sheet metal materials. These punches present unique challenges with the geometry and tolerances required.

The ShapeSmart® series from Rollomatic allows for tight tolerance, unattended production of cylindrical and non-round punches. Oblong punches, form punches, squares out of center, corner radiuses and any other shape can be produced with this method. The ShapeSmart® NP50 is designed and dedicated for cylindrical grinding of carbide, HSS and stainless steel components with emphasis on highest achievable surface finish and concentricity.

With Rollomatic’s patented SmartPunch™ software, we are able to ground non-round and eccentric shapes with the same accuracy and precision of symmetrical punches. Combined with high power synchronous spindle motors and a direct drive workhead, the ShapeSmart® NP50 is the workhorse of the punch industry.