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During the 1990s, Rollomatic led the way in the production of printed circuit board drills. Rollomatic maintains its industry-leading technology to produce Micro Tools required for today’s electronic technology and semiconductor industry. While the geography of where these tools is produced has changed over the years, the unique “know-how” that is ingrained in Rollomatic’s DNA, helps us to provide solutions for customers globally.

Utilizing tight tolerance and complex geometries the tools required for today’s electronic devices are uniquely adapted to the machines we produce. As the components that comprise our mobile devices, laptops, and other consumer electronics continue to get smaller, the cutting tools need to as well.

Micro components require micro tooling. The Rollomatic GrindSmart® Nano6 with hydrostatic guideways and compact footprint, is uniquely designed for micro tools of 4mm and under. With the ability to produce cutting tools with diameter down to 0.050mm (0.002”), the Nano6 is the standard for micro tool manufacturers. Hydrostatic guideways utilize a thin layer of oil, the same oil that is used as the grinding coolant fluid, for the axes to ride on. This eliminates friction, which helps achieve superior surface finishes and ultimate accuracy. It also eliminates wear from the linear guides.

The GrindSmart 660XW is another model that is heavily utilized in the electronics industry. With its “Ultra Lean” Grinding Process, we are able to eliminate additional setups. The 660XW can peel grind the blank to prepare it for the final cutting tool geometry. This is a technology unique to Rollomatic and has been well received in the North American market. The 660XW also includes a built-in 6 position wheel changer and loading system for unattended production. Many customers have introduced this Lean concept to eliminate work in process and increased efficiency.

If you currently serve the electronics industry or are looking to, Rollomatic has the products and knowledge to serve as your partner to achieve success.