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Rollomatic USA and Garr Tool celebrate long term success together in this video testimonial

Mundelein, IL, June 28, 2024 – Rollomatic USA and Garr Tool celebrate a long term successful relationship spanning decades. Garr Tool is known for making solid proven products used by everyone from name brand OEMs such as GM, Boeing, John Deer, Honda, Caterpillar, Ford Motor company and more, down to the smaller job shops. Garr Tool has relied on Rollomatic solutions for decades to deliver consistent proven products. Rollomatic is the world leader in precision grinding machine tool solutions and smart autonomous grinding for the manufacturing of rotary cutting tools, blank prep and punches, inserts and boring bars, ultra hard materials, resharpening, and more.

Garr Tool, and Rollomatic are committed to producing a quality product. Since their partnership began in the 1990s, Garr Tool has relied on Rollomatic machines to deliver that quality product, made consistently every time. Rollomatic is the leader in Smart Autonomous Grinding, and Garr Tool relies on that automation and consistency. “It’s a Swiss machine, and it runs like a Swiss clock,” says Vice President John Leppien II. “The Rollomatic machines we purchased 25 years ago are still producing product,” says President / CEO John Leppien Sr. He continues, “Repeatability is critical, that’s why we use Rollomatic expertise to make these tools consistently.” Operator Dan Wolfgang speaking of the Rollomatic Grindsmart 830XW says, “When you set these tools up to run, you just don’t have to make adjustments. It’s pretty much ‘set it and forget it’.”

Rollomatic USA and Garr Tool are proud to release a video testimonial celebrating their multi-decade partnership and success together. The testimonial video features interviews with key leadership and operators, shows how the relationship began, features machines in action such as the Rollomatic Grindsmart 660XW, the Rollomatic Grindsmart 830XW, has testimonies from the operators, and shows how the manufacturing success continues.

Garr Tool was founded by Fred Leppien in 1944. The business is still privately held and run today by Fred’s son, John Leppien Sr, and his two sons, John and Jeff. In addition to proven products, and being an excellent catalog house of end mills and more, they are also known for how well they treat their people. Garr Tool team members have been with the company for decades, and they continue to recruit and develop young talent. More information about Garr Tool can be found on their website at

Rollomatic USA, headquartered in Mundelein, IL, is the world-wide leader in precision grinding machine tools and smart autonomous grinding.