Grinding Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturing

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Medical Products

GrindSmart® 630XS

The 6-axis precision tool grinder GrindSmart®630XW has been designed for high performance and specialty tool manufacturing for both long and short batches. It is equipped with linear motors, combined with the torque motor on the rotary axis, provides more benefits such as enhanced surface finish and reduced maintenance costs. The oil used for cooling and lubricating the linear motors is the same as the coolant oil. This ensures consistent thermal stability during setup and production without incurring additional energy consumption.

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GrindSmart® Nano6

The high precision 6-axis grinding center GrindSmart®Nano6 has been designed for the production of high performance micro-tools made of carbide or HSS with a diameter range between Ø 0.03 – 2.0 mm (.001″– .080″). Thanks to its innovative hydrostatic technology, this extremely compact machine offers superior performance for manufacturing of high precision micro-tools.

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LaserSmart® 510 Femto

The LaserSmart®510 femto with its innovative and powerful femto laser source provides unlimited machining possibilities. Maximizing productivity, precision, and surface quality; the femto laser source builds upon the success of the LaserSmart series. Not only are PCD, P-CBN, CVD, MCD, and natural diamond materials feasible, but also Ceramics, Carbide, Sapphire, Glass, or even new material combinations.

These revolutionary machine processes allow customers to achieve the results that set the new standard in ultra-hard material machining.

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Rollomatic understands the high volume, high quality, and reliability needed in fine grinding for the medical industry. Combined with economic floor space and manufacturing efficiencies, Rollomatic is able to serve medical and surgical instrument manufacturers with world class service and support.

Rollomatic has been serving the medical device industry for over thirty years. With the growing demand created by an aging population and new technologies for advanced and robotic surgeries, the volume and complexity of the instruments required is constantly changing. These challenges are exacerbated by the skilled labor gap. Medical devices also present the additional regulatory requirements that most manufacturers do not face, furthering the need for process control, repeatability, and traceability.

Rollomatic is able to serve the Medical sector by not only focusing on building high quality, precise machines but offering the highest level of training & support to its customers. From surgical drills to bone saws, rasps, rotary instruments such as routers and burs and even core pins for plastic injection industry, Rollomatic has solutions that are reliable, repeatable and precise. With the launch of the Rollomatic Learning Center, we are investing in addressing the skilled labor gap by offering structured training – whether Face-to-Face or e-learning – with content focused on customer’s applications.

For many years, the GrindSmart® 630XS has been the most widely used machine in the surgical instrument manufacturing space. While we still see strong demand for this model, many of our customers now see the benefit of the GrindSmart® 630XW to incorporate automatic wheel changes – allowing for greater flexibility in unattended production of tool families. Most of rotary instruments would typically require blank preparation before the end grinding operations and for this purpose Rollomatic have developed all grinding processes suited to the ShapeSmart® series. For the medical plastic and die/mold industries, the ShapeSmart® series has helped our customers achieve greater outputs, tighter tolerance components fully automated.

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