Custom applications

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Even though Rollomatic has a deep history in the cutting tool industry, we continue to find new customers with a wide variety of applications. With flexible and powerful software, simple but effective loading solutions, and precision kinematics; our machines have found new & interesting applications in the larger manufacturing world.

From firearms to die/mold, we have solved challenges that traditional methods could not address. One application involved a set of pliers for a medical application that was being produced in a manually loaded machine where the customer struggled to achieve the tight tolerances required. Utilizing a GrindSmart 630XW, we were able to not only achieve superior surface finish and repeatable accuracy, we also could fully automate the process using our standard autoloader and custom part handling trays.

In the medical world, we developed special workholding for the grinding of multi-tooth surgical blades. These blades are flat and thin which presented its own unique challenges. However, by implementing an add-on clamping system, there were no modifications needed to the standard GrindSmart 630XW. The workholding is designed to be easily removed so that the operator can switch back to making round tools.

Another custom application came to us from the glass industry. Again, the customer was struggling to achieve consistent results with a fully manual process. Our team was able to provide a much better cycle time and automated process on the ShapeSmart NP30. One Rollomatic machine was able to produce the output of four manual machines. This cost savings easily justified the machine.

Rollomatic is built on innovation in fine grinding. Our customers turn to us for custom applications in areas of optics, defense, oil & gas, green energy and complex and unique scenarios. Our team of knowledgeable sales managers can help start you on the path to success. We provide feasibility and cycle time studies, test grinds, and demos at no cost. Let us help you today!